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Welcome to aragost Trifork!

We are a consulting house with a strong focus on using modern tools and agile worksflows.

Agile Development with Scrum

We have done agile software development for more than 10 years. The old waterfall model has shown its problems and limitations: software is inevitably delivered later and doesn’t match the expectations of the customer. This is why we use incremental development with Scrum where you get value for money fast.

We work as Scrum Masters on your team, we make Scrum training courses for your developers, and we actively work as developers. Let us help you make your teams more efficient and productive.

Distributed Version Control with Mercurial

Agile teams needs flexible tools that support their workflows. Distributed version control systems (DVCS) are faster and more flexible than traditional centralized tools. The Open Source world has already begun the migration to DVCS in order to work faster and collaborate better.

We are Mercurial (Hg) experts and will help introduce DVCS into your organization. We work with you to plan the Mercurial migration, we train your developers and sysadmins, and we write custom Mercurial extensions to make sure Mercurial works with your existing processes.